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Helpful Links

Healthy Pet is the consumer based website for the American Animal Hospital Association. 

Petcare information center including a drug library, medical center, newsletters and pet insurance.

     pet place     

Worried your pet may have eaten something toxic/poisonous?

Tu referencia veterinaria.   

Gatos Cats Gato Feline Perro Dog Perros Dogs 


The information portal for reptile and and amphybian hobbiests.


Companion animal Parasite Council for Veterinary and Medical Professionals


A client oriented website providing a wide array of petcare topics.



Melissa Kaplan's Herp Information Collection


An excellent source for all your bunny needs!

House Rabbit Society

The information portal for ferrets!
American Ferret Association


South Florida Wildlife Center (formerly the Wildlife Care Center) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Native wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, animal adoptions and education. They are always looking for dependable volunteers!

South Florida Wildlife Center 


Any information you could need, or if you would like to donate towards the University of Florida Vet School.


Visit for any health and safety tips you might be interested in!